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The Benefits of a second passport
The benefits of obtaining a passport and citizenship to a country other than your own are manifold. Here are just a handful:

Civil Liberty

Owning a second passport opens up all kinds of avenues that might normally be restricted by your country of residence. You may live in a country with an oppressive government, and would love to have the option of being able to live in another, freer land as one of its citizens indefinitely.

We live in troubled times, but there is still a massive discrepancy between safe, civilised democratic countries, and those run by or at the mercy of harsh regimes. Which would you choose to live or to raise a family in?


Your country of birth may have a tax system that stifles your earning power, and you may wish to use your second country as an investment opportunity. Second citizenship enables you to purchase property or a business and utilise what may be the preferential banking systems and tax laws of that country.

Visa-Free Travel

Does taking out a travel visa that must be rigidly adhered to make you feel like a second class citizen? Would you like to legally own a passport that made visas a thing of the past?

Certain passports enable one to travel visa-free from country to country unrestricted. For example, a European passport enables the owner to visit 26 European countries unhindered as a result of the 1985 Shengen agreement. More importantly, European passport holders are free to live and work in any European country they choose indefinitely. Does your current passport afford you such luxuries?

Generational Benefits

You may be patriotic to the land of your birth, but that doesn’t mean you are blind to reality. If you no longer feel safe in your own country, is it fair to submit your children to its uncertainties?

Taking out a second citizenship wont just benefit you, it will massively benefit your children and your children children, who will automatically become citizens of both your original and your second country. If you wish, they can like you hold dual citizenship, and remain proud of their ancestry, while growing up in a far safer environment than you yourself have faced.

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